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    Pitch deck

    Once your project outgrows its incubation, use a well-structured 10-slide pitch deck to explain your concept, build support, and garner additional resources.

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    “Ways of...” Statements

    Don’t jump to a solution when presented with a problem. Improve your team’s ability to explore many varied ideas by writing “Ways of…” statements.

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    Analyze Qualitative Data

    Qualitative data tells you what people experience and why. For rigorous anlaysis, organize and review your data as your collect it and look for key topics and patterns.

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    Dimension Your Project

    What matters to a project isn't always clear at the beginning. You'll need to research across different dimensions to understand what's really going on.

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    Opportunity Framing

    Project research and analysis result in a lot of valuable information for your project. Frame your opportunity by prioritizing the challenges you will address.

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    Valuing Solutions

    Assessing and communicating the value of your solution is critical to shaping it for success and builting support for its implementation.

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    Affinity clustering

    Take any large list of ideas or notes and sort them into a smaller number of separate groups. Then name the groups to create an information structure and discover themes.

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    Empathy mapping

    Empathy for a user’s experience is at the heart of creating meaningful solutions. An empathy map helps your team articulate the user’s perspective.

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    Given our familiarity with workplaces and the routines of everyday life, we don’t see and reflect on what’s really going on. Focused observation is a powerful tool.

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    Facilitating Reflective Discussion

    Working in teams requires facilitating critical discussion frequently among the group. Pose reflective questions, have people share more, and elicit pros, cons, and next steps.

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    Journey Mapping

    To see if you understand a user’s journey, create a diagram representing the distinct activities within their experience. This is a foundation for many useful analyses.

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    Value Curve

    Innovators often change a fundamental assumption that defines an industry, product, or service. Play with Value Curves to imagine how you might change things.

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    Paper Models

    Any idea you think has merit should be modeled in a tangible way as soon as possible. Paper models are a surprisingly easy and fast way to make your ideas real.

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    Problem Statement Matrix

    Take what you’ve seen and heard from users to reframe your project challenge in human terms. This helps provide a fresh, user centric perspective.

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    Concept Sheets

    Capture ideas with a quick sketch and a provocative title. A concept sheet gets ideas out of your head and into a form that’s easy to sort, share, and document.

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    3-Part Observations

    To communicate insights in more evocative ways, wrap your observations about users, situations, or industries in a 3-part structure.

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    2X2 Matrix

    Find two dimensions and plot elements on a simple chart to show patterns or gaps in the information. Use it to make a case for targeting an area with ideas or to shift strategy.

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    Collaborative Cycle

    Here’s a simple and effective structure to get the most out of an assembled group of people. Use it as the basis for brainstorms and other generative meetings.

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    Business Model Canvas

    The BMC is a set of key dimensions used by startups to track the definition of their offering. The canvas is updated regularly after running tests with customers.

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    Solution Maps

    Innovative solutions are more than a single idea. A solution map lays out all the key elements and characteristics of an offering that work together to implement a focused strategy.

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    Show & Tell Interview

    The best way to get better at learning from users and your colleagues is to have them “show and tell” you about what they do. You listen, capture, and learn.

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    Analogous Examples

    A great way to break conventional thinking is to look at others who’ve already broken convention. Study how game-changers outside your industry have done it.

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    Storyboards are a great way to show existing or future customer experiences. They put problems and solutions in context and make them easier to communicate and assess.

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    Elevator Pitch

    To build awareness for an initiative and find potential supporters, create a verbal summary you can share in under a minute. This conveys the essence of your idea.

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    User feedback with prototypes

    Put paper, service, and interactive prototypes in front of customers and other stakeholders to get their reaction to your solution concept.

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    Service Prototypes

    Service prototypes make the touchpoints of a new service offering tangible and allow you to test it with customers and other stakeholders.

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    Rapid Experiments

    Look for simple ways to try out early ideas with users in the real world. You’re not validating your ideas, but rather testing and shaping them quickly and iteratively.