Dimension & Diagram

2X2 Matrix

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Find two dimensions and plot elements on a simple chart to show patterns or gaps in the information. Use it to make a case for targeting an area with ideas or to shift strategy.

How to
  1. Any list of similar elements can be placed on a 2×2: a set of ideas, competitors in a market, or elements of a user experience.
  2. Try different dimensions to spread the ideas out on the map—things like cost, quality, time, ease of implementation, etc.
  3. Cross two of the dimensions and plot your elements. If they spread out or form an interesting pattern, you’re on to something!
  4. If they don’t spread out, you haven’t found a dimension that differentiates the list of elements.
  5. Play with a few different 2×2s that work.
  6. Facilitate a reflective discussion about what the pattern might mean for your project. There may be a gap in the chart suggesting an untapped area to target.
Tips & Tricks

Try to create a dimension unique to your list of elements, rather than typical axes. Simply trying different axes helps develop a better understanding of the list you’re dealing with.

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