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User feedback with prototypes

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Put paper, service, and interactive prototypes in front of customers and other stakeholders to get their reaction to your solution concept.

How to
  1. When you have a prototype of a concept, even if it’s just paper, have someone else try it.
  2. Recruit a participant, provide them with context for the idea and ask them for their honest opinion.
  3. Ask them to do something specific with the prototype—give them a task it supports.
  4. As they try, have them talk out loud about what they are thinking, looking for, and trying to do.
  5. Be helpful, but don’t lead them in a direction you want to see. Observe how your prototype does or doesn’t support your intended user tasks or experience.
  6. When they stumble or can’t move on, ask them what they are trying to do and what would be helpful.
  7. After they’ve tried the prototype, talk more about what you’re trying to do and solicit their advice.
Tips & Tricks

Design your prototypes to support user activity. It’s OK for them to be simple and low fidelity—they should work like good props.

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