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Paper Models

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Any idea you think has merit should be modeled in a tangible way as soon as possible. Paper models are a surprisingly easy and fast way to make your ideas real.

How to
  1. Use a core set of basic tools and materials: white paper, white cardboard, white tape, inkjet printer, scissors, thin and thick markers.
  2. Think about what demonstration and discussion the model should support. Work at an appropriate size and detail only what’s necessary.
  3. Think through how you could make it before jumping in. Do little experiments to see if the approach would work.
  4. Try to create the model from as few parts as possible, assembling smaller sections, rather than making a “house of cards.”
  5. For web and app interfaces, use simple symbols to lay out content and details. Switch screens by replacing paper screens in sequence.
  6. Demonstrate the concept with your paper prototype.
Tips & Tricks

Use all white materials. Forgo needless detail. You’re not trying to make the real thing out of paper, only represent key aspects. Work quickly, but don’t be sloppy. Craft matters a lot.

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