Pitch & Commit

Pitch deck

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Once your project outgrows its incubation, use a well-structured 10-slide pitch deck to explain your concept, build support, and garner additional resources.

How to
  1. The Pitch. What’s the essence of your solution? e.g. “Airbnb for ambulatory care”.
  2. The Problem. Describe the failures of the current situation and the opportunity for your solution.
  3. The Solution. Illustrate how you’ll solve the problem.
  4. The Value. Show how many people could and would take advantage of your solution.
  5. The Business Model. Outline the significant value your solution offers the organization.
  6. The Key Elements. Explain the dimensions of your solution: technology, organizational change, etc.
  7. Marketing. Explain how you’ll get the word out.
  8. Resources. Show what’s needed for implementation.
  9. Milestones. Walk through your roadmap and timeline for implementation.
Tips & Tricks

Get at the essence in every slide. Too much explanation devalues your solution. Test your pitch many times before going in for the big meeting. Look for experienced managers to provide feedback.

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