Dimension & Diagram

Journey Mapping

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To see if you understand a user’s journey, create a diagram representing the distinct activities within their experience. This is a foundation for many useful analyses.

How to
  1. Decide what part of the user’s journey you’ll represent. It could be at a high level (a day in their life) or a more detailed activity (taking their meds).
  2. Draw a labeled shape for each key activity in their experience.
  3. Arrange them in a sequence or a cycle so you can trace their experience over time.
  4. Use arrows to show direction, paths, alternatives, etc.
  5. Use color or size to identify groups or different kinds of activities.
  6. Once you have a base diagram, you can add more “layers” of information with labels or annotations.
  7. Consider where trouble happens, where technology may play a role, what might be unnecessary, or where help would be best targeted.
Tips & Tricks

Use sticky notes as a way to quickly brainstorm activities and arrange them in ways that are helpful. Have a graphic designer help improve the representation.

Pairs well with
Mindset Of
  • Empathy
  • Exploration
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