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Problem Statement Matrix

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Take what you’ve seen and heard from users to reframe your project challenge in human terms. This helps provide a fresh, user centric perspective.

How to
  1. Use the problem statement template. Each team generates problem statements in the users’ words, filling in each of the 5 phrases. Do this for multiple users, capturing each phrase on a post it note, creating a matrix.
  2. Have the team spend a few minutes to look at the matrix as a whole, jotting notes to self about things that struck them, surprises, patterns and themes.
  3. Share the notes and discuss them as a team. Pay special attention to insights that surface that offer a fresh view into the problem. Sort and organize the notes into groups.
  4. Your named groups can now be used to describe what you have, help generate more items in a group, or help you see gaps you haven’t addressed.
Tips & Tricks

Use a different color post-it note for each user. Write in the user’s words, not yours. This is great for after you do interviews with users. We’ve even seen physicians give this to patients to fill out (and interview them after to understand why)!

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