Question & Reframe

3-Part Observations

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To communicate insights in more evocative ways, wrap your observations about users, situations, or industries in a 3-part structure.

How to
  1. Start with an observation. This should be something direct—a fact that seems almost obvious. “People are bored and fidget as they wait in line…”
  2. Now add an insightful reflection. It could explain the observation, it could call out an irony, or it could question why it has to be the way it is. “…this is no surprise as there is little in the environment to engage with or warrant attention.”
  3. Third, add considerations or ideas that are ways of overcoming the insight. “…consider ways of posting or sharing information that would be beneficial for those people to know.”
Tips & Tricks

The real insight is in how you see everyday situations—not in seeing or discovering truly surprising behaviors.

Pairs well with
Mindset Of
  • Empathy
  • Exploration
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