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Dimension Your Project


What matters to a project isn't always clear at the beginning. You'll need to research across different dimensions to understand what's really going on.

How to
  1. Start by running a collaborative cycle, listing out dimensions of your project that could be interesting to research.
  2. Examples include: user experiences, stakeholder opinions, duration of activities, costs, policies, available alternatives, competition, infrastructure.
  3. Plan how you will gather information about each of the dimensions. Schedule interviews, observations and visits to facilities. You can speak with vendors, do secondary research on the internet, etc.
  4. Make your gathered information visual and tangible by putting it up on the wall.
  5. Review and reflect on what you're learning with colleagues to identify new and more interesting dimensions.
Tips & Tricks

Look at dimensions that you think you already know, but gather new information from others. look at qualitative and quantitative aspects. Cross boundaries between siloed topics or departments.

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