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Value Curve

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Innovators often change a fundamental assumption that defines an industry, product, or service. Play with Value Curves to imagine how you might change things.

How to
  1. Use sticky notes to brainstorm the fundamental dimensions of your industry’s offering.
  2. Line up the industry dimensions along the bottom of a chart. The vertical axis is “importance or level of offering ” and goes from low to high.
  3. Plot your organization’s curve on the dimensions.
  4. Plot competitors on the dimensions. Look for significant patterns.
  5. Now, consider radically changing one or more of the dimensions. Try offering way more or less quality in one or more dimensions or eliminating some.
  6. Consider adding dimensions that customers would value and would differentiate your solution.
  7. Continue playing with the dimensions to better understand the current industry and possible strategies for improvement.
Tips & Tricks

Keep the number of dimensions to between 7 and 10. Use the exercise in a group to question what your industry takes for granted. Gain confidence by seeing examples from other industries.

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